Creative designer & usability expert

I’m an intentional and detail-oriented designer. I think deeply about design problems, which influence my design suggestions. My design strenght lie in gathering and evaluating user needs and frustrations. I have 5+ years of experience as a graphic designer which contributes greatly to my UI skills and attention to detail.

I’m excited by the process of deriving user needs from research, creatively leveraging the power of technology to satisfy those needs, and thinking critically about the constraints and edge cases to make sure that the designed solution scales.

Side projects that keeps me busy


We envisioned Universal Basic Income (UBI) as part of the future in the next fifteen years, when technological developments will impact society heavily and many jobs will cease to exist. In addition, UBI would reach people in need that live in remote villages with no access too much infrastructure.

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Design articles on Medium

I've been writing my thought lately about design and my transition from graphic design to UX.

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With more people transitioning into UX design, there's a lot of courses online to help designers learn. However, there's too much focus on visual design. I designed a hub for new designers to serve as a library of resources to guide their design process.

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Celebration tool

In collaboration with Mischief Makers, I designed a tool to help teams come up with Ideas for celebration. This project is still on-going.

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Let's collabo

I love my work and that's why I always strive for the best results. If it's not of the highest standard and your full satisfaction, it won't leave my desk.